The new strawberry varietyto emerge from Fresh Forward’s Northern European breeding programme was named "Verdi".Verdi is a mid-early, June bearing variety, characterised by a healthy crop oflong, conical fruits with a distinct taste.

Crop and fruit

Verdi has an open and upright structure so the fruits are easily visible, which boosts the picking performance.The first fruits can be quite large, but the following fruits have a consistent quality, with a conical shape and retain their size during the entire harvest. Verdi is especially suited for short supply chain channels and farm gate sales.

Cultivation and harvest period

Verdi is primarily intended for open field cultivation where this variety is a high quality successor for early season tunnel cultivation. The fruit ripens steadily resulting in a longer harvest window. Verdi therefore covers the period from tunnel cultivation to late open field cultivation with tasty, high quality fruits. In addition, Verdi also performs well in forced tunnel cultivation with double protection or in tunnels and can therefore extend the tunnel cultivation season.

A vital and future-proof variety

Verdi was developed with the future and sustainable cultivation in mind. This variety is highly resistant to stem base rot (Phytophthora cactorum), wilt (Verticillium spp.) and mildew. In addition, Verdi requires little nitrogen, and can therefore be grown on older soils. Verdi is a combination of beautiful and delicious fruits with a crop that you, as a grower, have little to worry about.

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