New strawberry varieties are developed at the breeding department, by traditionally crossbreeding interesting strawberry cultivars and selections from our own programme. The progeny will subsequently be tested with respect to factors such as taste, production capacity, shelf life and disease resistance. Our breeding programme, from which well-known varieties such as Sonata and Elsanta originate, is aimed at creating varieties that are favourable to the consumer, as well as to the grower and the trade.

Both financially, but also in terms of time, the development of a new variety is a costly investment. The evalution period usually lasts eight years or even more. During this time, tests are executed on an increasingly large scale. Finally, from tens of thousands seedlings, there remain only one or two selections appropriate for introduction to the market.

The Fresh Forward Breeding team works on three separate breeding programmes:

1. Junebearers for North West Europe
2. Everbearers
3. Short day cultivars for Mediterranean countries

An overview of all our varieties with additional information can be found here.

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