Elise is a productive apple variety, which is part of the Jonagold segment. Elise is not prone to biennial bearing and is a steady grower. These attractive apples have an excellent, fresh taste.


Elise apples are fairly large, usually cone shaped. The fruit has an even dark red blush (50-75%) on a yellow-green background with pronounced lenticels. The fruits retain their attractive format even with overproduction. The apples taste delicious, are crispy and have an excellent aroma and sugar content.


Elise flowers relatively late, at the same time as Elstar and Golden Delicious. It should be picked two weeks after Elstar. Cross-pollination is necessary. Good pollinators include: Elstar, Golden Delicious and Fiesta.


Elise is a productive variety that is not prone to biennial bearing. Elise has a long storage life. The apples can be stored until March in a mechanically cooled environment. They will keep even longer in a ULO unit. Optimum temperatures should not be too low (approximately 4˚C), 1% O2, 1% CO2.


Although the variety is not very susceptible to mildew and moderately susceptible to scab, it is quite susceptible to Nectria canker. Elise is moderately susceptible to black specks on the peel. These specks are similar to Jonathan spot. As a matter of fact the sensitivity to canker and specks is totally outweighed by the variety’s positive properties, i.e. delicious tasting, uniform fruits, excellent storage and shelf life.


Because of their steady growth the trees require little pruning but still maintain regular production. Elise has a moderately vigorous growth rate and has fairly horizontal branch angles.

Elise is protected by Plant Breeders' Rights and is available under license.

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