Parlando is a mid-early June bearer, from Fresh Forward’s high chill substrate breeding programme. The variety is suitable for early substrate cultivation, for a planting period from the end of December until the end of April. The variety stands out due to its outstanding and consistent fruit quality with a high yield and high disease resistance.

Plant and growth habit:

Parlando has an open structure and vigorous growth. The plant has an upright habit so the flower stalks are easily separated from the leaves. The leaves are a distinctive dark green with oval shaped leaf disks. Parlando has long flower stalks, a unique characteristic of its plant architecture. The first flower stalks have 9-11 fruits per stalk, while the following flower stalks are lighter with 6-7 fruits per flower stalk. Parlando produces relatively small flowers but they consistently grow into beautiful, large fruits.

The first experiences with Parlando show the following variety specific characteristics:

  • The number of chill hours required by Parlando is lower than the number required by Sonata.
  • The high evaporation rate of Parlando means a separate watering and climate strategy is advised to prevent the onset of drought stress.

Fruit quality:

The fruits are long and conical with an intense red colour. Parlando distinguishes from other varieties due to its outstanding setting during the entire cultivation cycle, ensuring a high percentage of class 1 fruits. The taste profile is a good balance of sweet and sour, combined with an aromatic strawberry fragrance. Parlando fits within the flavour profile of Elsanta perfectly. Parlando is a firm strawberry so it is suitable for long distribution channels.

You can find Parlando brochure here

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