Twist (FE2015)

Twist (FE2015) an early june bearing selection from Fresh Forward’s high chill programme that excels by its precocity and fruit quality. This selection is furthermore characterized by a good yield, while maintaining a large fruit size throughout the season. The bright red berries are firm and have an excellent taste. The plant habit is vigorous, though not very vegetative, and has a strong root system.

Plant properties
Twist (FE2015) has an open plant habit with uprigh tleaves. The plant is more vigorous than Flair, but noticeably lessvegetative than Allegro and Clery. The long flower trusses, which branch out early, contain six to seven flowers. The rhizome can be located somewhat higher up in the plant, which is why extra attention should be paid to the correct planting depth. Twist (FE2015) also has a higher water requirement than other early varieties.

Harvest window and yield
The fruit production starts around two days after Flair slightly earlier than Clery. The total yield of Twist (FE2015) is comparable to that of Clery, but Twist (FE2015)’s fruit size is significantly higher throughout the harvest period. Compared with Flair, both the fruit size and total yield is higher. Aside from the large fruit size, also the clearly visible trusses result in a high picking efficiency.

Fruit quality
Twist (FE2015) produces uniform, long conical fruits with an upright calyx. The attractive berries are firm, bright red, glossy and maintain their quality. The first fruits can be slightly grooved. However, the subsequent fruits are beautifully shaped with an excellent presentation in the punnet. The fruits of Twist (FE2015) show high Brix-levels throughout the season. Twist (FE2015) also shows good results in shelf-life tests, where they maintain both their colour and gloss. Therefore, Twist (FE2015) is well suited for both the direct sales as well as longer supply chain channels.

Schädlings- & Krankheitsresistenz
Results from disease trials shows that
Twist (FE2015) possesses high resistances to Phytophtoracactorum. Twist (FE2015), however, can be lightly susceptible to Verticiliiumdahliae, although no issues have been observed in practice. Nevertheless, it is recommended to plant Twist (FE2015) in soils with good structure and without wet spots. Twist (FE2015) is furthermore moderately tolerant to powdery mildew.

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