Bellida is an apple variety with an excellent, sweet taste. It has an attractive, glossy greenish yellow colour with a red blush (50-75%). It is an excellent quality apple. This variety is a cross between Idared and Elstar. Bellida is a mid season ripening variety, which is picked approximately one week after Elstar.


Bellida fruits have a greenish yellow background, a red blush and sweet tasting. The taste is comparable to Gala, but Bellida is slightly harder and juicier. The apples have a slightly flattened shape, are fairly large and have an attractive, smooth skin. They are comparable to Idared, although Bellida is slightly larger. The apple has a crispy texture. When cut Bellida reveals fairly white flesh, which retains its colour for quite a long time when exposed to air.


Bellida flowers at the same time as Idared and four days earlier than Golden Delicious. Good cross-pollination varieties for Bellida include Santana, Cox, Braeburn and Elstar.


Bellida has an excellent productivity rate and shelf life. Bellida is picked one week to ten days later than Elstar, but a few days before Golden Delicious. It has better storage qualities than Elstar. In ULO conditions the apples can be stored until the end of March, in a CA atmosphere until the end of April.


Bellida is not particularly susceptible to apple scab (Venturia inaequalis), powdery mildew (Podosphaera leucotricha) and Nectria canker (Nectria galligena).


Bellida can be grown quite successfully in the Netherlands, Denmark and the north of Germany. This variety is easy to grow. The trees are steady with remarkable leaves. Because Bellida is prone to biennial bearing it is important to keep the trees well balanced and devote considerable attention to thinning and pruning.

Bellida is protected by Plant Breeders’ Rights and is available under licence.

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