Grown to be loved

The taste experience of Bloss® is incomparable. Its distinctive and unique texture combined with its excellent crisp flesh makes it a very special apple. The juicy, fresh Bloss® with its fruity taste makes you want to take another bite again and again.

Durable powerhouse

The flavorful and robust genes of cross parents SQ159 (Magic Star®) and Honeycrisp (HoneyCrunch®) have united in Bloss® / variety name Wurtwinning. This newcomer is naturally robust against scab and mildew. Initial results in resistance to drought and heat are also positive.

Variety description

Bloss® is an aromatic and sweet-smelling apple with a slightly sour and tingly crispness. It is a bi-colored variety with a natural look and a rose striped to red color with pronounced lenticels. This variety has a slight haze on the skin, most of which disappears during the ripening process

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