Bloss®: Introducing Wurtwinning's club variety at Fruit Logistica

A resistant and flavourful apple variety for the future

Berlin, 7 February 2024 – The Fruit Logistica event in Berlin was the stage for the highly anticipated unveiling of the brand name and positioning of the new Wurtwinning apple variety: Bloss®. This apple is one of the promising new resistant varieties. The new club variety is now available via our network of partners in Germany, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.

Bloss® is the brand name of the Wurtwinning variety. Boasting an above-average pack-out rate and a consistent size, the apple has a rose-red blush with prominent lenticels. The newcomer was developed by combining the genes of two highly regarded varieties, resulting in a fruit that is flavourful and robust. It also has a double resistance to apple scab and high tolerance against powdery mildew, two of the biggest challenges in modern fruit production. Early results also show a good fit for the modern climate, making Bloss® a future-proof and more sustainable variety reducing the impact on our environment.

Popular flavour profile

Bloss® has also been highly rated in large-scale, independent consumer research. This juicy apple's perfectly balanced flavour profile delivers a sweet, zesty taste accompanied by a high aroma and a crisp bite. Together with its resistance to common diseases, these characteristics have already made the new apple popular with growers and retailers as well as consumers.

Bloss® - Grown to be loved

The development of the Bloss® brand identity and positioning was preceded by extensive research to create a brand that, just like the apple's taste, would have broad appeal. The name is inspired by nature's bloom and blossom. This theme is further reflected in the use of natural colours and the emblematic grower in the logo, who symbolises the craftsmanship of fruit cultivation. This branding will make Bloss® a recognisable and trusted product.

Fruitful partner network

The future-proof apple is supported by a strong network of partners and their growers, who share a common vision. The apple variety is owned by Fresh Forward and is currently cultivated by leading agricultural organisations such as Royal FruitMasters in the Netherlands, Tobi Seeobst in Switzerland, and German entities Elbe Obst, MABO (Marktgemeinschaft Bodenseeobst), WOG (Württembergische Obstgenossenschaft Raiffeisen), Landgard eG, Frutania GmbH, and M.Al. (Marktgemeinschaft Altes Land). There are plans for expansion to other countries. Cultivation already spans 180 hectares across Europe, and there are plans to add a further 900 hectares over the next five years. The goal is to achieve a harvest of 20,000 tonnes by 2030. The 2023–2024 season's crop is now available exclusively from club partners.

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