Bloss® Grown to be loved

The taste experience of Bloss® is incomparable. Its distinctive and unique texture combined with its excellent crisp flesh makes it a very special apple. The juicy, fresh Bloss® with its fruity taste makes you want to take another bite again and again.


Freya® The temptingly tart apple

Is the registered tradename of the Vf scab resistant apple variety, WUR37. Freya® apples are comparable to Elstar in their taste and picking time. Freya® apples can be sold within an open sales concept, similarly to Elstar and Wellant®.

WUR37 is a cross between Elise and a scab-resistant selection from the Dutch apple cultivation programme at Wageningen University & Research (WUR).
SQ159 - Natyra®

SQ159 - Natyra®

Natyra® is the trade name for the organically produced apples of the variety SQ159. It has an excellent shelf life and is naturally resistant to scab, therefore, only very limited use of crop protection methods is necessary.

SQ159 - Magic star®

SQ159 - Magic star®

SQ159 is a variety for the conventional production of which the apples are sold under the trade name Magic Star®. It is a cross between Elise and a scab resistant selection. The harvest time is around that of Braeburn. This scab resistent variety produces firm and appealing fruits that not only have a crunchy bite and a sweet taste, but also have a remarkably long shelf life.



Wellant®, the apple for gourmets! Are you looking for an apple with a deeply aromatic and rich flavour? Then Wellant® is the ideal choice for you! Wellant® apples are juicy with a crunchy bite and have a high sugar and acid content. The intense flavour and fruity aroma make eating this apple an experience like never before. The classic red blush and rustic appearance make Wellant® a real eye-catcher in the apple category. Wellant® is a steady grower during the season. This gentle pace of ...

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