Under a radiant sun, was the new strawberry variety "Allegro"on Monday night may 16, jl. baptized. More than 150 interested parties had the trip to Oberkirch at the foot of the Black Forest, agreed, all full of expectation to this new promising variety with your own eyes to behold.

Allegro, an originally Italian muziekterm which guarantees a high music tempo and, therefore, symbolically means so much as 'lively, cheerful, merry'. Something our Allegro this evening than it did. On the tour on the Hüberhof, that this presentation is very well organized, could the occupants see that Allegro his new name was more than worth it. Both the strawberries if the strawberries proved to be a feast for the eyes. The aroma and the taste of names, any doubts, to the extent that there were completely gone. Raised went the interested parties after the official part in the direction of the presentation room, where it is now the highest was time for a snack, a drink and a wonderful evening. And while the sun slowly disappeared behind the mountains of the Black Forest, was the evening clear for everyone: for Allegro glimmer of a bright future on the horizon...

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