On thursday 8 March, Fresh Forward, in association with RAPO, organised the Calinda Field Trip 2018 in Almonte (Huelva). Calinda is Fresh Forward's first mediterranean variety and, at present, is mainly cultivated in the region of Huelva, although interest for Calinda is growing. The objective of the Calinda field trip was the exchange of knowledge by growers and trading partners that already have gained experience with Calinda. Two production companies were visited; Agrodoñana Integral S.L. and S.C.A. Frescortes. Here, Calinda could be seen during harvest season and fruits with different harvest dates could be compared. Head of breeding Bert Meulenbroek and agronomist Antonino Vazques gave tours and presentations and were available for technical questions. We would like to thank Agrodoñana and Frescortes for their hospitality and putting their facilities at our disposal, and RAPO for co-organising this event. It has been an informative day for both the growers and the trading partners and is certainly worth organising a second next time.

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