The big delight

Calinda is an early season short-day cultivar that produces exceptionally attractive, flavoursome berries. Calinda’s well-developed cone-shaped fruits have a high Brix value which they maintain throughout the whole season, unlike other varieties. Its excellent shelf life is unmatched, guaranteeing that Calinda strawberries will arrive in perfect condition at all destinations within Europe. The yield is very regular during the whole harvest period. Calinda is ideally adapted to a Mediterranean climate.

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Fruit quality

Calinda’s fruit is long and broadly conical. Uniform in shape, the attractive fruits have a good red colour with a beautiful gloss, the seeds slightly sunken. They are also very juicy, with excellent flavour and texture. The average fruit weight is high and regular: it is never too low, even at the end of the season! Calinda has a distinctive texture, which, compared to other South European cultivars, is particularly soft and delicate. A real delight, Calinda is perfectly suited to the tastes of consumers in Northern Europe. The fruit and plant are well adapted to the varying weather conditions of the Mediterranean. The fruit maintains its firmness, yield and Brix value under dry, humid, hot and cold weather conditions. Add to this Calinda’s excellent transportability and you have a unique variety.


The combination of its medium to high yield with Calinda’s easy picking and early harvest make it a sure-fire winner: a highly profitable cultivar.

Disease susceptibility

Calinda is highly resistant to fruit rot (Botrytris cinerea) and crown rot (Phytophthora cactorum) and is not susceptible to mildew (Podosphaera macularis) either, making it easy to comply with stringent low residue-level requirements.

Flowering and harvest

Calinda is harvested just before Splendor and at the same time as other early varieties grown in the Mediterranean area. It produces long vigorous stalks with robust, pollen-laden flowers, resulting in large, well-developed fruit.

The plants have an open growing habit making the fruit easy to pick and thus reducing labour requirements. Once Calinda has reached full production its yields are uniform and regular, and this predictability simplifies harvest logistics.

Growing experience

Calinda is relatively easy to cultivate. A plant distance of 22 to 30 cm produces a healthy harvest throughout the season. Harvesting starts at the same time as other early varieties. The first fruits are relatively large and well shaped. As temperatures rise, yield and picking frequency also increase, but without sudden peaks or drops in production. Development is balanced, ensuring stable production with few nutrient demands. The cultivar is well adapted to different types of soil and fertilizer; a general NPK fertilizer with microelements suffices.

Calinda is protected by Plant Breeders’ Rights and traded under license.

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